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Thank you for your interest in giving back! There are numerous ways to give to Babcock Neighborhood School or Babcock High School. Whether you wish to make an annual gift or a special one-time gift, we have a tailored giving program or fundraising option to meet your needs. Your generous support makes an exceptional education a reality for children in our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I give to Babcock Schools?

As a charter school system, Babcock Schools do not receive the same in grant money and subsidies that other public schools receive. Your donations help shape the future of our school and community. Donations are a vital part to the sustainability and expansion of our school system in Babcock Ranch.

How is my money used?

Gifts to the general Trailblazer Fund go to work immediately. These gifts help improve the educational experience at Babcock Neighborhood and Babcock High School. From improving technology to creating unique classroom settings and buildings, every dollar is utilized for the betterment of our PBL environment and future student success. Money given to a specific program is only used for the given program or initiative specified by the donor.

What is the Capital Campaign?

The Capital Campaign will be our annual fundraiser beginning in 2022. The goal of the Capital Campaign is sustainable fundraising to support our schools on a consistent basis both now and in the future. More information will be coming about this important campaign soon!

Do you accept cash gifts?

The most common gift is cash. Cash gifts are tax deductible as limited by law. Please inquire with your place of employment as many employers match part or all of these gifts.

Do you accept business donations?

Absolutely! We have multiple tiers of donation options that we’d be happy to discuss with your team. These include, but are not limited to, sponsorship opportunities, collaborative integrations, and even naming rights. Please contact Megan Lewter at [email protected] for more information.

Thank you for your consideration of donating to Babcock Neighborhood School or Babcock High School. Due to the generosity of donors like you, our students will have the resources and equipment necessary to receive learning experiences that are more than education. We could not do it without you. Thank you again!

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