Located in the heart of America’s first solar-powered town, Babcock Schools offer a place-based, environmentally focused greenSTEAM education program that integrates science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics within a thoughtfully provided holistic learning environment.

Elementary School


Foundational development through learning basics, discovery, and a warm, fun environment

Middle School


A focus on developing the mental fortitude, habits, and organizational systems to prepare for future education and life

High School


Rigourous coursework combined with leadership skills and community involvement to become well-rounded, successful adults

Heart of the Town

Babcock Schools are at the very heart of our community. We’re growing future world changers right here in Babcock Ranch.

Fast Facts

Our Curriculum

We follow Florida public-based standards and curriculum. We deliver it via meaningful methods and apply to real-life scenarios.

Our History

Babcock Neighborhood School was founded in 2017 with the development of the Babcock Ranch community. Babcock High School opened in Fall 2022.

Our Rockstar Staff

Our caring staff goes above and beyond to deliver interactive, quality instruction. They are PBL masters and passionate about their students.

Our Location

Babcock Ranch provides opportunities for hands-on, project-based learning (PBL) with a greenSTEAM focus.

Our Charter

Babcock Schools are Florida public charter schools. A lottery is done yearly with priority given to Babcock Ranch and Charlotte County students.

Our Goal

We want students to leave our school with the skills, confidence, and thinking needed to take on the world as part of the Babcock family.

Upcoming Events


Kindergarten Round Up

7:45 am - 11:30 amBabcock Neighborhood School

Governing Board Meeting

9:00 am - 10:00 am

BHS Cheer Tryouts

4:30 pm - 6:30 pmFieldhouse

Support Arts, Athletics, & STEM

As our schools continue to grow and expand, we are raising funds to establish fine arts and athletic programs for students. It is important to note that state education funding is provided to cover curriculum and academic costs, not extracurricular activities. However, the Babcock community believes these "extras" are important components of a holistic education experience for all students. Your financial support is appreciated.
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