Charlotte County’s Focus Parent Portal provides parents/guardians a real-time view of their child’s assignment grades, attendance information, and current averages in all classes.

To provide a tangible prediction of their quarterly progress the grades in FOCUS are reflective of their projected course performance as long as the student continues to perform at their current performance. For example, if it is an A, they are currently on track and if they maintain that level of performance, they will achieve an A.

If the child is not at their current desired level of performance, they should review the Empower platform for missing evidence and adjust work habits accordingly. Even though we are able to allow students more time if they need it, we still do have a limited amount of time with them and we want to avoid students developing poor work habits by taking advantage of the system. 

If you’re having trouble logging into Focus or need your student’s ID number and PIN to set up, please contact our Data Technician, Erica Childers, at [email protected].

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