Empower Learning

Babcock Neighborhood School and Babcock High School use the Empower Learning platform as our learning management system. Students can find information about their classes, including assignments, documents, and resources, by logging into the platform. Students can also use the platform to communicate with their teachers and to submit work for feedback or assessment.

Parents can use for transparency of curriculum, pacing features that allow you as the parent to validate your students’ pace is on track, performance against required standards over time, and a progress report at your fingertips anytime you want to see the overall picture.

The first step will be for you to watch the video below that gives an introduction to Empower Learning, pacing (important for verifying if the child is where they should be in regard to the standards), tracking homework, and how to utilize the target browser.  If you have any further questions on Empower, please contact your student’s teacher for an overview or attend a learning session provided.

An Introduction to Empower

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