The design of the BNS dress code was adopted to foster an environment reflective of learning while embracing a fun atmosphere that encourages creativity and growth beyond the traditional confines of education. The expectation is that all students will be in dress code each day and purchase their uniforms from the designated vendor.


  • K-8 students wear a polo with the Babcock logo in the provided school colors.

  • High School students (9-11) must wear a Babcock logo shirt. There are a variety of shirts (polo, short sleeve t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt) available through the selected vendor.

  • Babcock jackets are on sale as well, but must be over a school-approved shirt. The jacket should be solid in color with a small logo, if not Babcock attire.



  • Shorts (capri or bermuda length), skirts (shorts are required to be worn underneath), dress pants, or approved jumpers (with shorts) in colors: khaki, navy blue, or black.

    • Shorts and skirts should be no shorter than 3” above the knee.  

  • Middle and High students may wear blue jeans any day of the week. Jeans should have no holes or rips unless they are below the knee or something must be worn underneath to cover the skin.

  • Casual attire such as sweatpants, warm-ups, athletic pants/shorts, or leggings are not permitted (leggings are ONLY able to be paired with a skirt or jumper, but should not be worn alone.) 

    • Middle and High students can purchase PE uniforms from the selected vendor. They may also bring athletic pants or shorts to school to change for Physical Education courses. Requirements for PE will be provided by the course instructor.

  • Holes in uniforms are not permitted.  


Other Items

  • No headgear is permitted to be worn indoors (this includes hoods on outerwear.)

  • Closed toe shoes must be worn.  

  • Natural hair color is recommended. Any distracting hair dye colors or styles will not be permitted.

  • Outerwear should be solid in color and worn appropriately. A Babcock logo jacket or hoodie is available from the school vendor. 


Spirit Day Attire requirements (every Friday)

  • Students may wear BNS shirts purchased through school (spirit shirts, Fun Run, Eagle Fest, etc.)

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